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Hello, and welcome to my site!

My personal journey has always revolved around literature. I grew up in a home where a book was everywhere you looked. I quickly grew to treasure the written word, and harbored dreams of being a best-selling author for over a decade. Every book I read, whether a classic from a thousand years ago or the latest YA prize winner, I studied, looking for what elements made it popular and connected it with readers.

I am currently a student reporter at George Fox University, bringing both important news and fun stories to students. I have taken classes in technical writing, journalism, and other types of writing.

My skills lie mainly in the vein of critique and editing. Over the years I have participated in five critique groups, mostly online, along the way finding invaluable friendships. I have copy-edited several novels and have become well practiced in making prose and poetry lean and mean.

I’m a big fan of individualistic expression and making a difference, however small, in the world and how others see it.

You can view my resume here, as well as viewing my experience and skills on the following pages.

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