The following documents are assignments completed for JOUR 310, Professional Writing, under Prof. Brad Neuhoff.

The first is a series of three hypothetical e-mails, one positive, one negative, and one persuasive. The full file can be found here.

Subject Line: Changes In Training Program

Hi Ted,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts in yesterday’s meeting on how our new employee training program could be improved. Your suggestions were creative but practical and aligned with Duncan & Company’s vision for the future.

I spoke with Harold Bloomquist and the other members of the Programs Committee this morning and they have agreed to implement your changes. You should expect a more detailed memo from Harold this week on how the new program will be carried forward.

Best, Frank Nelson

The second is a series of three letters in the same format, that can be found here.

October 13, 2019

Mr. Frank Elliot
554 Ocean Drive
Loggins, MA 22222

Dear Mr. Elliot:
Thank you for your interest in the position of copy editor at Webley, Inc. I was impressed with your previous experience in the field, both in literary journals and technical writing positions. It was a genuine pleasure to interview you on Wednesday.

In the period between our interview and now, myself and Frances Coulter, the vice president, interviewed another well-qualified, internal candidate. After carefully weighing all applicants, we decided to offer the job to that candidate.

After reviewing your interview and resume, Frances and I noticed your strong marketing skills. We think you would be a good addition to our marketing team, as we have a couple positions open in that department. If you think this would also be a good direction for you, or if you have any questions about the marketing position and all it entails, please contact me.

Michael Nellis
Senior Copy editor
Webley, Inc.




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