Considering Your Audience

There is a fairly large debate in certain literary circles as to whether audiences are addressed or invoked whenever a writer produces a work. I didn't know this myself until I read a couple essays for my writing class. I, at least, feel that I can leave that argument to literary theorists. When I write,... Continue Reading →

What Kind of a Writer Are You?

By now, everyone knows that there's no "right" way to write a book. There are as many different writing styles and approaches as there are people.┬áIn some ways, writing styles can be grouped into loose categories. However, I prefer to see them as points along a spectrum-- a line stretching between two extremes, with most... Continue Reading →

Borrowing Ideas & Making Them New

They say that mimicry is flattery. These days, mimicry is a more subtle art. Sometimes it can lean more toward plagiarism than respect. However, beyond that pessimistic thought, borrowing other's ideas is a proven tactic if you're lacking ideas (or enough ideas for a whole plot). Indeed, it seems that, with all of the novels... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Get Your Next Idea

Ah, that familiar feeling-- the one of having no new ideas. In this world full of literally millions of possible plots and characters, it shouldn't happen, and yet it does, whether caused by a mental block or simply finishing one project and moving to the next. And what's to be done? How can we glean... Continue Reading →

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