5 Things College Taught Me About Writing

Now in my second semester of college, I can look back on the first as a definite learning period, a time of trial and error. Nowhere else was this apparent was my schedule. Going in as an English major, my classes sapped all of my creative energy, leaving me with apparently nothing else left for... Continue Reading →

My Writing Journey

I'm one of those rare people that's actually still doing what they wanted to do in elementary school. You know, the dream job that you're sure 90% of your classmates will change their minds about. True, the job seemed (A) a whole lot easier and (B) a whole lot more rewarding-- but that's beside the... Continue Reading →

Borrowing Ideas & Making Them New

They say that mimicry is flattery. These days, mimicry is a more subtle art. Sometimes it can lean more toward plagiarism than respect. However, beyond that pessimistic thought, borrowing other's ideas is a proven tactic if you're lacking ideas (or enough ideas for a whole plot). Indeed, it seems that, with all of the novels... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Get Your Next Idea

Ah, that familiar feeling-- the one of having no new ideas. In this world full of literally millions of possible plots and characters, it shouldn't happen, and yet it does, whether caused by a mental block or simply finishing one project and moving to the next. And what's to be done? How can we glean... Continue Reading →

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