*Able to write unique and concise original content that will draw readers

*Excellent editing and copy editing skills

*Able to schedule and complete different tasks in a timely and organized manner

*Proficient use of Microsoft Office Suite, WordPress



“Michael Nellis has taken several classes from me, from Studies in Literature, meant for our first-year majors, to Advanced Studies in British Literature and Modern British Literature. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to see Michael coming out of his shell of relative shyness, as he engages in some difficult texts in these classes. His work has improved dramatically over the semesters, revealing his ability to read and discuss texts critically and well. His papers have become more nuanced and his presentations are interesting and helpful for the entire class. I have also enjoyed reading his articles in The Crescent, where his coverage of some challenging topics has been insightful and provocative.”

-Kathy Heininge, Professor of English, George Fox University


“Michael has been a good addition to several of my classes at George Fox University. He’s deeply thoughtful, and his mind searches in unique ways through weighty and difficult concepts. He attends class faithfully, and his contributions to discussion, though few, are carefully considered. I always look forward to reading his creative work.”

-William Jolliff, Professor of English and Honors Program, George Fox University

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