My Writing Process

I find it rather funny that I'm devoting an entire post to my writing process, as if it's something radically new that will overturn the writing community. Unfortunately, I'm like most humans-- I mimic the habits and processes of others to an embarrassing level. I happen to also be the equivalent of a swing dancer... Continue Reading →

Considering Your Audience

There is a fairly large debate in certain literary circles as to whether audiences are addressed or invoked whenever a writer produces a work. I didn't know this myself until I read a couple essays for my writing class. I, at least, feel that I can leave that argument to literary theorists. When I write,... Continue Reading →

Using Three Act Structure

Outlining is, for many writers, a necessary evil. Although not as complicated as plotting, it can still seem stifling for some peoples' creativity. That's why structures are so important-- they set up a basic framework, while still leaving plenty of wiggle room in-between. Most writers, in my opinion, use the Three Act Structure. It's been... Continue Reading →

What Kind of a Writer Are You?

By now, everyone knows that there's no "right" way to write a book. There are as many different writing styles and approaches as there are people.┬áIn some ways, writing styles can be grouped into loose categories. However, I prefer to see them as points along a spectrum-- a line stretching between two extremes, with most... Continue Reading →

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