Poetry Prompt #2

The ocean is as vast mentally as physically. Perhaps no other aspect of nature has been so deeply described and analyzed. Instead of attempting too broad of a subject, focus instead on a particular trait that the ocean has, whether its beauty, size, danger, or mysteriousness. Personify the ocean. What would you say to the ocean, and what would it respond to you?


Here’s my take on the prompt:

Oh, you waves, you torment me,

Oh, you soft-rolling, tranquil sea!

Your look is deceptive warm,

But inward harbors deadly storm.


You know not a human’s pain,

The way we toil ‘midst the rain.

On you the rain falls harmless,

It only feeds each roaring crest.


You know not the ones that die,

Hidden below wandering eye.

You, the faceless, pulled them down–

Not knowing better, let them drown.


Oh, ocean, you savage beast,

You care not for the most or least.

In that, beauty shades your call–

You give to all, and take from all.


Michael Nellis, Copyright 2017


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